Electronic Resources

Water: H2O=Life

Series of animations, doen in conjunction with major water exhibit at American Museum of Natural History, about where NYC water comes from, how it gets to the city and what happens after it goes down the drain.


Digital Macroinvertebrate ID Cards, with photos description, habitat, and life cycle information. To download go to: http://www.learnatboces.com/macroinvertebrates-id-cards


After the Storm 30-minute video on stormwater issues, includes segment at NYC Watershed farm. Co-produced by US EPA and The Weather Channel. Can also be viewed on the web.

Deep Water: Building the Catskill Water System 45-minute documentary on development of the Catskill Supply of the NYC Water System. Produced by Willow Mixed Media. Click here for Teacher’s Guide. 21-minute version can be viewed at The AshokanCenter.

The Gilboa Fossils Interactive website focused on the oldest tree fossils ever found, uncovered during construction of Gilboa Dam of Schoharie Reservoir. 30-minute video, produced by Gilboa Historical Society, available for purchase. Contact Kristin Wyckoff,
607-588-9413. (See Field Trips for Gilboa Museum)

Harvest of Songs: CD and associated website featuring 10 recordings of songs on topics related to gardening, farming and the NYC Watershed, as well as standards-aligned classroom activities. Free downloads of student-created tunes and curricula materials.


Modern Marvels: City Water Systems A History Channel documentary on development of water supplies in Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles. 50-minute DVD. Also available: Modern Marvels: Sewers. www.awwa.org or via www.amazon.com

Of Streams and Dreams: The Programs of the Catskill Watershed Corporation 15-minute overview of watershed history and CWC environmental, economic development and education programs.

Shavertown: Reservoir of Memories 40-minute documentary/oral history on one of the communities taken for the Pepacton Reservoir. Produced by Andes Central School. To purchase, call the school, 845-676-3166

Behind the Scenes: The Inside Story of the Watershed Agreement 12 interviews with people involved in negotiations for the 1997 NYC Watershed Memorandum of Agreement., Plus Battle for Water: One Big City, Many Little Towns, 60-minute audio documentary using excerpts from “Behind the Scenes” oral history tapes. Transcripts, photos of interviewees, audio documentary and timeline available at

BattleforWater.org or the Catskill Watershed Corp. website. Both projects produced by Nancy Burnett Productions607-369-4035 Click here for Teachers’ Backgrounder.

Voices from the Valleys Interviews with 15 former residents of communities claimed for the Neversink and Rondout Reservoirs. Produced by Time & The Valleys Museum. 


The Price of Water A short video documentary in four parts featuring interviews with several negotiators of the NYC Memorandum of Agreement, and of the farm program, as well as others involved in watershed protection efforts. Produced for Time & The Valleys Museum.  

Trout in the Classroom, from the student perspective. Sixth graders from the Woodstock Day School recorded their TIC project from eggs to release.


Flo: The Watershed Project is an artistic, scientific and educational game simulation project about the vital importance of water. Players use the Microsoft Kinect (or WASD/arrow keys) to control the life of a water droplet as it flows down streams, creeks, tributaries, then through reservoirs, tunnels and aqueducts to become drinking water in New York City!


What is a Watershed? 3-Minute video produced by Missouri and Mississippi Divide Resource Conservation & Development. Inc.
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