Watershed Education Links

   Catskill-NYC Watershed Education Links  

The following links provide information about the NYC Water System and its watershed, as well as other environmental topics to supplement and support field trips and classroom lessons. Some offer ideas for getting students actively involved in learning about water and the planet we all share. 

The Catskill Center

The Catskill Forest Association


Catskill Streams


Catskill Watershed Corp.


Urban/Rural School-Based Initiative

                 New York City Region  

Bronx River Alliance 

Horticultural Society of New York

NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection


High Bridge Coalition

Urban Park Rangers

The US Environmental Protection Agency - Region 2

Environmental Kids Club

Adopt Your Watershed

Whatís Up with Our Nationís Waters?


General Watershed and
Environmental Education Links
Earth Force After-School Program
The Groundwater Foundation
North American Association for Environmental Education
US Geological Survey
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